February 20, 2009 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized)

i plaited mt hair yesterday just into smaller bantu knots because i want to keep these in longer, for atleast a hair looks great though, the knots are really long and i don’t look like i’m almost 12 weeks post relaxer, i hav also decided that i will only relax in june i think it is. basically i will miss the march relaxer and do which ever one is next. i have also decided that as soon as i can afford it i will but extensions and do braids. that will probably be in april sometime. so that’s that. i will still relax with black silk, but on saturday i was in the city and i was soooo tempted to just go and buy the mizani butter blends and be bone straight since i will be flat ironing and straightening it bone straight anyway with balck silk, i reasoned. at the end of the day i’m glad to have spent that cash on siya’s school stuff. i would have so regretted it. even though i will be straightening it, i will still just blow dry and make it more a natural feel. i can’t wait to do it. i will make my hair so strong before then, atleast two weeks of dee loving. and the relaxer i will make so yummy with msm, saa,oils etc and it’s already a safe mild one so it should go well. i was thinking though, what if my hair is so thick and so bushy it looks like i haven’t done anything at all? then i remembered coconut milk and baking soda and lime and all those good things. it looks like i will be using heat once a week depending on how i feel. i will either just blow dry for a bushier look i guess for a  lack of a better word or blow dry and flat iron for a relaxed look or blow dry and rollerset. hopefully these styles will last a week till next wash. so my hair will need major taking care of with heat 4 times a month! i will have to see about that.



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hair products

February 17, 2009 at 2:19 am (Uncategorized)

like i said, i’m gonna make my own. finally today i have googled myself out but i have found somebody who sells amla powder it looks like and brahmi powder, these are indian and i’ll add them to my deep conditioner every week. i also found an online shop where i can get all my oils for face, body and hair. i am super excite about that one cos they are really reasoable. i told hubby and he’s supportive. the most exciting find was MSM which i will put in almost everything on wash day and on face and body and also AHA was a good find for my face and body lotion and SUPER exciting is the elusive SAA !!!! this will also be face, body and hair. mostly i want it for strengh in my hair though and to add even more i will put crushed garlic yes, garlic. it helps alot with shedding and breaking hair. i will do this for atleast 2 months before i relaxe again. considering the financial situation, i will only be able to get everything in April at the latest so it means i will have to move relaxer to a june date. not that i’m complaining at all. it will also be a nice experience to see how my hair feels and lookswith relaxer for 5 months of proper handling and products. but it means buying a new wig !! yay. $100 should do fine and i will have amagoda underneath and undo weekly for wash day.

i feel really good aboutthis turn of  events and i thank God for His leading beacuse it’s not me. so bsl here i come. atleast if i can get to healthy apl by december i will be thrilled then june next year to bsl and then enjoy !!!  i ope the relaxer will be good to keep the six bottles for 15 months or so. i will have to do my hair every 10 weeks or so which will take it about 12 months storage for the last one plus the time on the shelf…..hmmm.


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egg,yoghurt and oils

February 17, 2009 at 2:02 am (Uncategorized)

i am really broke. will have money later today i hope. anywho i was waiting to get all the ingredients in my wish list before i could wash my hair so i missed the weekly wash on saturday. but today is tuesday and my hair was itching and screaming for a wash. i had been doing the daily water spritz and put in wgo i think twice so it was kind of needing a wash. itchy hair means dirty hair right? so i tentatively undid my bantu knots and braced myself for handling a nightmare of breaking tangled air when i finished washing it and lots of breakage and i am so scared of using the dryer without heat protection.

so i washed it with my cream of nature shampoo, just waiting for it to finish then i’ll try the baking soda shampoo. anyway i detangle with a wide toothed comb while washing and put on my drying cap. i never ever rub the towel all over my hair to dry cos that gives mad tangles. my drying cap came with a gift towel pack for me and kehinde from ma for christmas. anywho it is just a towel shaped like a hoodie that you wrap around your head. so i just pat that dry. i had no deep conditioner which was one of my major concerns. so i mixed 3 tablespoons of  yoghurt, 1 whole egg and my oil mix of wgo,cator oil and coconut oil. mixed it all up and put it in. after and hour i washed. it felt dry and stringy in the shower but once sort of dry it was really really soft so i detangled with no product in and combed in sections first with wide tooth comb and then followed each section with small toothed comb. small tooth comb on my wet 4b hair 10 weeks post relaxer ! i still can’t believ it. my hair is so  smooth so i’m really pleasently surprised. this is sort of my dc anyway so it worked out good. now i’m like does my hair really need black silk relaxer or can i be natural? i’ve decided yes. the roots are rough. i probably will do it every 12 weeks anyway so it’s not too much.


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natural relaxer???

February 13, 2009 at 1:42 am (Uncategorized)

well i hope i won’t be sorry for doing this but it seems i have found the relaxer system i have ben looking for for years. i have decided that once and for all i do not want bone straight hair and would just like a looser curl pattern therefore easy to manage. anywho i then thought about this relaxer i had used at varsity and also when i got married under the braids. it’s made in south africa and have had a nightmare of  a time trying to find and buy it online. so i gave up and started using dark and lovely. my hair was never bone straight but i just didn’t like the way it felt. so back to the old relaxer Black Silk it’s called. i asked my frien back home to buy it for and that i would send her money to but and ship it to me but now it’s workingout way too expensive to buy a relaxer that costs about $3! so i have been looking for ‘natural relaxers’ it’s sounds the same if not better because of the harmless natural products they use. oils and butters and the like. but it can’t be all that natural cos it does loosen the curl. it will not make it bone straight just loosen.perfect !

what i like about this is that i can wear my hair in a variety of styles. i can wash and wear for a more tamed afro look cos my hubby doesn’t mind head wraps i’d just have to rock it well, i can blow dry for a not bone straight relaxed look or i can flat iron for bone straight look and i can still cornrow it and it will have lots of the thickness and movement. jsut what i need. so i will buy it from the states. i hope this ends my hair woes. now that i know how to take care of my hair i potentially don’t have to hide it that much this year. i can curl it and be creative and enjoy it knowing i haven’t stripped it. hopefully by end next month my hair will have a new lease on life. it hasn’t been realxed since November 30, i ws aiming for a 16 week stretch but it will be more like 15 weeks. form now on though i will probabbly go for 8-10 wees. i am so excited. i will continue wih my normal hair care between relaxers and wild growth hair oil. my hair should thrive. it will be like i have natural 4a hair !


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February 12, 2009 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

i guess this should have been done first but the thing is the first post was created first in my other blog as just a category but now i think i wanna do a full on blog of my hair journey to BSL and beauty and things. i have actually learnt a whole bunch of stuff form long hair care forum and will be making my own cheap but better for my hair products at home with ingredients you find in the kitchen. this is really exciting to me so i will have almost nothing i don’t know in there. i can eat my products ! that what i really want eventually. to have products so good and so natural i can eat them. and for my skin as well i have a plan for the acne abut none yet for the discolouration on my body as i don’t want to use whitening creams. most importantly i wanna have products that i can use while pregnant and breastfeeding which i will be doing one of the two for the next four years! so that way i can still look very together  and not be nervous about what i’m putting on my body.   

as for pics and stuff i don’t know yet. i guess i will have to to be able to track how i’m going. i have a wash day coming up so i’ll do it then. as for relaxer i am REALLY confused. the thing is texture. i don’t know whether i should relax bone straight or have some texture left so it looks thick and african???? my hubby just doesn’t want it in an afro so he doesn’t care. sometimes when i see it bone straight i like it and sometimes when i see it texlaxed i like it. my hair doesn’t really become bone straight at home when i do it myself so that’s some comfort i  guess. i fear that when it’s so straight it will be limp and thin and i won’t be able to do my bantu knots on it which i love so much ! when it’s texlaxed i can still straighten bone straight if i want to with a hot iron or i can just blow dry and have some thickness. i think i do want to texlax which is juts loosening the new growth and keeping it (the relaxer) on the hair shorter than the time it says on the box. i think i will buy ORS super and keep it for 5 mins shorter after combing really well. i’ll do it on march 24 when i will be 16 weeks post relaxer. meanwhile i will just be caring caring caring for it to prepare.


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girls are hot out there

February 12, 2009 at 1:47 am (Uncategorized)

well i just happened to be on youtube this morning and i watched a few vids form two girls. about and beauty and stuff. and i realised oh my gosh, who have i been kidding ! people are hot out there, really taking care of themselves and stuff. cute clothes adn talking ways and hair and things. i really need to step up my game. my poor husband. i just seems like since i got married i just let myself go. i just don’t try anymore. i haven’t sheved my legs in two weeks ! when we were dating i never would have done that. i would have always worn my denture, i would not talk to him like i do and would put effort into how i look when he comes home. so i have decied to chanhge that. my nail polish has been chipped for two days ! meanwhile he still looks and acts the same. i really need to pull it up and make him feel like we’re dating again. 

my hair is really doing good though. i washed it this weekend and it’s really soft adn silky although i have it in amagoda to stop manipulatuon. i will be wearing a wig until i relax on March 24. that will make me 16 weeks post realxer and i know there will be alot of growth. hopefully once the school thing is done i can get all the other hair things i need. i am getting more confident with how i will manage my hair if i wear it out and not damage i don’t know maybe i’ll buy another wig or wear it out. but i really want to keep it hidden for the whole year and grow it to BSL (bra strap lenght) so i guess in april i will have to get another wig, a better one maybe $100 human hair. when i’m tire dof that i will braid it again. so i will wear the wig for two months then braid for two then realxt then wig it for two etc. should get tons of growth and i will be making my own hair stuff here.

anyway back to people being hot, i really need to feel hot as well and especially my hubby. first step lose 20 kgs ! then i will get pregnant and put most of back on again!

i have started this morning putting on castor oil on my lashes and brows. i heard it grows them. iwill do it every morning when he leaves till about 11.30 when i shower hen again after i shower till about2.45. that will be about 5h45min daily should do the trick.

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