girls are hot out there

February 12, 2009 at 1:47 am (Uncategorized)

well i just happened to be on youtube this morning and i watched a few vids form two girls. about and beauty and stuff. and i realised oh my gosh, who have i been kidding ! people are hot out there, really taking care of themselves and stuff. cute clothes adn talking ways and hair and things. i really need to step up my game. my poor husband. i just seems like since i got married i just let myself go. i just don’t try anymore. i haven’t sheved my legs in two weeks ! when we were dating i never would have done that. i would have always worn my denture, i would not talk to him like i do and would put effort into how i look when he comes home. so i have decied to chanhge that. my nail polish has been chipped for two days ! meanwhile he still looks and acts the same. i really need to pull it up and make him feel like we’re dating again. 

my hair is really doing good though. i washed it this weekend and it’s really soft adn silky although i have it in amagoda to stop manipulatuon. i will be wearing a wig until i relax on March 24. that will make me 16 weeks post realxer and i know there will be alot of growth. hopefully once the school thing is done i can get all the other hair things i need. i am getting more confident with how i will manage my hair if i wear it out and not damage i don’t know maybe i’ll buy another wig or wear it out. but i really want to keep it hidden for the whole year and grow it to BSL (bra strap lenght) so i guess in april i will have to get another wig, a better one maybe $100 human hair. when i’m tire dof that i will braid it again. so i will wear the wig for two months then braid for two then realxt then wig it for two etc. should get tons of growth and i will be making my own hair stuff here.

anyway back to people being hot, i really need to feel hot as well and especially my hubby. first step lose 20 kgs ! then i will get pregnant and put most of back on again!

i have started this morning putting on castor oil on my lashes and brows. i heard it grows them. iwill do it every morning when he leaves till about 11.30 when i shower hen again after i shower till about2.45. that will be about 5h45min daily should do the trick.


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