February 12, 2009 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

i guess this should have been done first but the thing is the first post was created first in my other blog as just a category but now i think i wanna do a full on blog of my hair journey to BSL and beauty and things. i have actually learnt a whole bunch of stuff form long hair care forum and will be making my own cheap but better for my hair products at home with ingredients you find in the kitchen. this is really exciting to me so i will have almost nothing i don’t know in there. i can eat my products ! that what i really want eventually. to have products so good and so natural i can eat them. and for my skin as well i have a plan for the acne abut none yet for the discolouration on my body as i don’t want to use whitening creams. most importantly i wanna have products that i can use while pregnant and breastfeeding which i will be doing one of the two for the next four years! so that way i can still look very together  and not be nervous about what i’m putting on my body.   

as for pics and stuff i don’t know yet. i guess i will have to to be able to track how i’m going. i have a wash day coming up so i’ll do it then. as for relaxer i am REALLY confused. the thing is texture. i don’t know whether i should relax bone straight or have some texture left so it looks thick and african???? my hubby just doesn’t want it in an afro so he doesn’t care. sometimes when i see it bone straight i like it and sometimes when i see it texlaxed i like it. my hair doesn’t really become bone straight at home when i do it myself so that’s some comfort i  guess. i fear that when it’s so straight it will be limp and thin and i won’t be able to do my bantu knots on it which i love so much ! when it’s texlaxed i can still straighten bone straight if i want to with a hot iron or i can just blow dry and have some thickness. i think i do want to texlax which is juts loosening the new growth and keeping it (the relaxer) on the hair shorter than the time it says on the box. i think i will buy ORS super and keep it for 5 mins shorter after combing really well. i’ll do it on march 24 when i will be 16 weeks post relaxer. meanwhile i will just be caring caring caring for it to prepare.



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