natural relaxer???

February 13, 2009 at 1:42 am (Uncategorized)

well i hope i won’t be sorry for doing this but it seems i have found the relaxer system i have ben looking for for years. i have decided that once and for all i do not want bone straight hair and would just like a looser curl pattern therefore easy to manage. anywho i then thought about this relaxer i had used at varsity and also when i got married under the braids. it’s made in south africa and have had a nightmare of  a time trying to find and buy it online. so i gave up and started using dark and lovely. my hair was never bone straight but i just didn’t like the way it felt. so back to the old relaxer Black Silk it’s called. i asked my frien back home to buy it for and that i would send her money to but and ship it to me but now it’s workingout way too expensive to buy a relaxer that costs about $3! so i have been looking for ‘natural relaxers’ it’s sounds the same if not better because of the harmless natural products they use. oils and butters and the like. but it can’t be all that natural cos it does loosen the curl. it will not make it bone straight just loosen.perfect !

what i like about this is that i can wear my hair in a variety of styles. i can wash and wear for a more tamed afro look cos my hubby doesn’t mind head wraps i’d just have to rock it well, i can blow dry for a not bone straight relaxed look or i can flat iron for bone straight look and i can still cornrow it and it will have lots of the thickness and movement. jsut what i need. so i will buy it from the states. i hope this ends my hair woes. now that i know how to take care of my hair i potentially don’t have to hide it that much this year. i can curl it and be creative and enjoy it knowing i haven’t stripped it. hopefully by end next month my hair will have a new lease on life. it hasn’t been realxed since November 30, i ws aiming for a 16 week stretch but it will be more like 15 weeks. form now on though i will probabbly go for 8-10 wees. i am so excited. i will continue wih my normal hair care between relaxers and wild growth hair oil. my hair should thrive. it will be like i have natural 4a hair !



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