egg,yoghurt and oils

February 17, 2009 at 2:02 am (Uncategorized)

i am really broke. will have money later today i hope. anywho i was waiting to get all the ingredients in my wish list before i could wash my hair so i missed the weekly wash on saturday. but today is tuesday and my hair was itching and screaming for a wash. i had been doing the daily water spritz and put in wgo i think twice so it was kind of needing a wash. itchy hair means dirty hair right? so i tentatively undid my bantu knots and braced myself for handling a nightmare of breaking tangled air when i finished washing it and lots of breakage and i am so scared of using the dryer without heat protection.

so i washed it with my cream of nature shampoo, just waiting for it to finish then i’ll try the baking soda shampoo. anyway i detangle with a wide toothed comb while washing and put on my drying cap. i never ever rub the towel all over my hair to dry cos that gives mad tangles. my drying cap came with a gift towel pack for me and kehinde from ma for christmas. anywho it is just a towel shaped like a hoodie that you wrap around your head. so i just pat that dry. i had no deep conditioner which was one of my major concerns. so i mixed 3 tablespoons of  yoghurt, 1 whole egg and my oil mix of wgo,cator oil and coconut oil. mixed it all up and put it in. after and hour i washed. it felt dry and stringy in the shower but once sort of dry it was really really soft so i detangled with no product in and combed in sections first with wide tooth comb and then followed each section with small toothed comb. small tooth comb on my wet 4b hair 10 weeks post relaxer ! i still can’t believ it. my hair is so  smooth so i’m really pleasently surprised. this is sort of my dc anyway so it worked out good. now i’m like does my hair really need black silk relaxer or can i be natural? i’ve decided yes. the roots are rough. i probably will do it every 12 weeks anyway so it’s not too much.



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