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February 17, 2009 at 2:19 am (Uncategorized)

like i said, i’m gonna make my own. finally today i have googled myself out but i have found somebody who sells amla powder it looks like and brahmi powder, these are indian and i’ll add them to my deep conditioner every week. i also found an online shop where i can get all my oils for face, body and hair. i am super excite about that one cos they are really reasoable. i told hubby and he’s supportive. the most exciting find was MSM which i will put in almost everything on wash day and on face and body and also AHA was a good find for my face and body lotion and SUPER exciting is the elusive SAA !!!! this will also be face, body and hair. mostly i want it for strengh in my hair though and to add even more i will put crushed garlic yes, garlic. it helps alot with shedding and breaking hair. i will do this for atleast 2 months before i relaxe again. considering the financial situation, i will only be able to get everything in April at the latest so it means i will have to move relaxer to a june date. not that i’m complaining at all. it will also be a nice experience to see how my hair feels and lookswith relaxer for 5 months of proper handling and products. but it means buying a new wig !! yay. $100 should do fine and i will have amagoda underneath and undo weekly for wash day.

i feel really good aboutthis turn of  events and i thank God for His leading beacuse it’s not me. so bsl here i come. atleast if i can get to healthy apl by december i will be thrilled then june next year to bsl and then enjoy !!!  i ope the relaxer will be good to keep the six bottles for 15 months or so. i will have to do my hair every 10 weeks or so which will take it about 12 months storage for the last one plus the time on the shelf…..hmmm.



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