February 20, 2009 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized)

i plaited mt hair yesterday just into smaller bantu knots because i want to keep these in longer, for atleast a hair looks great though, the knots are really long and i don’t look like i’m almost 12 weeks post relaxer, i hav also decided that i will only relax in june i think it is. basically i will miss the march relaxer and do which ever one is next. i have also decided that as soon as i can afford it i will but extensions and do braids. that will probably be in april sometime. so that’s that. i will still relax with black silk, but on saturday i was in the city and i was soooo tempted to just go and buy the mizani butter blends and be bone straight since i will be flat ironing and straightening it bone straight anyway with balck silk, i reasoned. at the end of the day i’m glad to have spent that cash on siya’s school stuff. i would have so regretted it. even though i will be straightening it, i will still just blow dry and make it more a natural feel. i can’t wait to do it. i will make my hair so strong before then, atleast two weeks of dee loving. and the relaxer i will make so yummy with msm, saa,oils etc and it’s already a safe mild one so it should go well. i was thinking though, what if my hair is so thick and so bushy it looks like i haven’t done anything at all? then i remembered coconut milk and baking soda and lime and all those good things. it looks like i will be using heat once a week depending on how i feel. i will either just blow dry for a bushier look i guess for a  lack of a better word or blow dry and flat iron for a relaxed look or blow dry and rollerset. hopefully these styles will last a week till next wash. so my hair will need major taking care of with heat 4 times a month! i will have to see about that.



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