March 23, 2009 at 5:05 am (Uncategorized)

well i kind of reviewed my hair plans and aspiratins cos it was jusy looking too much and too expensive. i realised what a product junkie i am!!! lol.

anyway i’m gonna make it real simple. firstly my hair is doing great. after the relaxer and all, it’s been about three weeks now. i’m planning to relax again on the 30th of  june so that will make it a 16 week stretch and i should be rewarded with growth by then ! i have been washing weekly na i have minimal breakeage. gotta try airdrying now. i just love the feel of heat on my scalp and how my hair looks. i think maybe just drying to about 80% should allow heta use to come down considerably and use the heat protectant ofcourse. when i washed it this time i am so broke and have no conditioner so i didn’t use nay! was so nervous. anywho i sed shea butter and the heat stuff on semi dry hair then blow dried it and it looked nad felt great. so moist and moisturised. think i’m not gonna wash again till mid april??? yeah it’s scray that’s like 3 weeks from now. i can do a protein  dc but i think my hair just needs moisture. i have done too may proteina dn form now on will do once a month.mybe month end i can buy some cheapie conditioner??? probably and use that instead.

so that’s it really.  i need to start taking pics of my hair so i can see the progress. i’m gonna go for 12 week stretches till year end but i loooove my hair right now. i thought about putting in braids but i’m just gonna miss it so much. i love the wash days….so i’m gonna wig it till year end. just have to find and buy a fierce wig….


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