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April 22, 2009 at 6:29 am (Uncategorized)

i was thinking this morning while i was deep conditioning my hair that it would be nice to use some sort of growth aid. but with being pregnant and all i probably wouldn’t be able to use it happily. then i found out some info about emu oil being used to stimulate hair follicles and help in hair growth! yay because i have some on the way for my skin. i will use this on my hair line as well once a day to prevent a receding of the hair line. so happy. needless to say i will also buy msm powder and olive oli to mis in with the conditioner and emu oil. i just hope i don’t have build up. but i shouldn’t i thinkh.

today’s conditioner went very well indeed. i put it on dry hair and it didn’t drip and i was able to see that i got it everywhere gosh it smells lovely. so now my hair is almost dry and is very happy . it was starting to itch and look funny on tuesday. i think it’s spoilt now! it knows it needs a wash every 5- 7 days. but thatworks fine for me. i actually can’t do seven days so it’s more like every 5 days.

well, here’s to happy growing !!!!


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