holy grail!!!!

May 1, 2009 at 6:22 am (Uncategorized)

yay finally. i could not be happier today. my order arrived with 1kg bentonite clay, 50ml peppermint essential oil, 1kg castor oil!!!!! i think i have made an oil for my hair that i really really love. castor oil ofcourse promotes hair growth so it’s in there, jojoba oil cos i have read some good things about it on hair and cos i loooooove it on my face, emu oil cos it promotes hair growth and i hate it on my face, peppermint oil cos it stimulates the scalp and smells devine. i mixed all up and put in my oil hair growth oil bottle. smells wonderful and i love the tinglining of the peppermint oil and the whiff i get of it now and then! so happy. this i will use forever just like jojoba oil. i’m so glad i’m finding my staples nad this combination is proven oils. so hopefully in the next three months i will have a growth spurt.

i have decided to do crown and glory and relax only when the baby is three months old when i can actually have the time to do my hair lol and as a treat to myself for all the hard work i’ve done and raising a beautiful family. i washed today so my scalp feels lovely….


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