happy hair

May 19, 2009 at 6:41 am (Uncategorized)

my hair is now 11 weeks post relaxer and i’m loving it! i can’t believe it. almost three months without relaxer. right now i can safely and happily say that my hair is looking and feeling the best it has ever. i’m mostly rocking braid outs and hubby doesn’t mind so that’s great. i’m not doing much to it either manipulation or product wise. i only comb it on wash days just to detangle and that’s it. i don’t have fancy products as all the stuff i ordered is still on it’s way. basically what i did the last two times to give me such soft,shiny soft popping curls,soft hair is basic. i pre-pooed with a pantene wash out cheapie conditioner,castor oil,olive oil,coconut oil and shea butter. no heat for 45 mins under plastic cap and doek on that. washed out with shampoo, put same conditioner on hair while i showered.towel dried, added she butter and olive oil and cheapie leave in conditioner by schwarzkopft on semi dried hair and air dried. braided hair when it was 80% dry and left it alone. next day what i had was soft shiny hair. all i do to maintain is braid it up each night after applying olive oil to it. my spary mix has alos worked wonders as it is also moisturizig. use this twice a day. mix of water, olive oil, castor oil, peppermint oil. on my scalp mix of emu oil,castor oil(mostly), olive oil and peppermint oil. i have noticed after two weeks that my hair is definately thicker….i apply on scalp every other night. 

i think i’m gonna continue with my stretch….go for 16 weeks f possible, that’s end of june. the only reason i want to relax is soft hair nad i have that now!

i’ve order protein conditioner, moisture conditioner, leave in, repair serum and moisturiser all from elasta qp except the conditioners. i will use all of tehm especially the leave-in, repair serum but will also continue with shea butter and olive oil. so the moisturiser may have to take a back seat! i will be rocking braid outs for a long long ime coming! just have to learn to make them cute hairstyles. so easy, no heat, no combing no fiddling.


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